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With the introduction of Studio FX Subscription our technical support policies and procedures have changed. There is a new online based support system and our staff has been retrained. Please read this information carefully so you can reach our support staff swiftly. Our new Studio FX Support is provided on a per-developer basis and geared to provide:
  • Individualized support and online incident history and tracking
  • Access to service packs, product patches and upgrades
  • Centralized location to manage product downloads
  • Licensing compliance management
  • Free access to new products

Free Online Support

Our online support site remains open and always free!

Browse or search for knowledgebase articles, samples and product documentation. All accessible all the time and always free of charge!

Personalized Support

Available with Studio FX

We're here to help!

With a premium Studio FX Subscription you not only get personalized support whenever you need it, but also get access to our entire line of data visualization products for a multitude of platforms, including .NET, Java, COM, SharePoint and Mobile, as well as upgrades for your existing products.

Don't have a Studio FX Subscription?

Evaluating our products?

Free personalized support for trial users

Obtaining support during your trial period is easy! Simply enter the product serial number that was provided to you.

Please Note: Our technical support will be provided online only and during your 30-day evaluation period.

Contact Support

Studio FX Subscribers may call:


or visit:
Studio FX Subscription is required for personalized support

Our support staff can only render phone support when provided with a Studio FX Support Subscription so have yours handy before calling us...

Trying to email or phone our support staff?

Please note is no longer available as all support inquiries should be made online using your Studio FX Support Subscription. This ensures your requests are routed expeditiously and stored for future reference.

Service Packs & Product Patches Moved

A Studio FX Subscription is required to obtain latest releases of our products including, Hot Fixes, Service Packs and upgrades. Plus you can get free access to betas and new products from Software FX.


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As our product line up and community keeps growing, you can connect with other users in our community and exchange valuable technical information.

These forums are not moderated by our developers or our support staff.

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